Things You Should Consider Extending Your Home

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Things You Should Consider Before Extending Your Home

There can be many reasons like having an extra room or an extra space for a home office or just a play area for children as to why someone would want to get a home extension. Whatever may be the reason, adding an extension to your house is always a good idea because when built correctly it adds value to your property and looks attractive.

Building an extension is an expensive project and takes a lot of time and manpower so it becomes important to consider a few points in advance of diving into the project. Some of these are,

What do you want?

Before any planning, hiring, and construction it is important to have a clear idea of what exactly do you want to be done in the extension of the house. Adding space seems a very good idea but it is a waste if you can't maximize the utility of the space that you have. The best way is to have a vision of what to do and think of some ideas before you hire a specialist so that you know what you want and you are not forced to just accept what the architect or the engineer says.

Budget and cost - 

 Having big and fancy ideas for your house is a good idea, however, you need to know how much money you have before you plan grand and lavish designs for the house. While setting a budget, be realistic about how much the construction will cost but also put a full stop at how much you can spend on the same.

Once the budget is set, you will start getting quotes for the project because it is important to know how much it will cost beforehand. If your budget doesn’t match the cost of the project, it is best to wait for a while and save some cash to get what you want and not just some designs that you don’t even like.

Permissions -

Homeowners must ensure that any renovations or extensions made in the house have been approved by the local authorities responsible. Once they have permitted your project after assessment of the site, you are good to go and start the dream extension that you have thought of.

Sometimes permission is not required so it is suggested that people stay informed about the process in their states and work accordingly.

Hire an architect -

To fulfill your ideas of a perfect extension, it is suggested that you hire an architect. To hire the right architect it is also important for you to know what you want as that will decide what kind of architect you hire.

The right architect will put all your ideas into the best possible design so make sure to brief them vividly even about things that you consider are not told. They will also use their expertise and guide you to make better decisions if required and will give you technical information as well.

Talk to neighbors -

Though there is no legal obligation for you to tell or inform your neighbors about any ongoing or future building activities that you do in your own house, however, it is nice if you keep them in the loop. It is better to give them a heads-up as any major or even a small construction activity can cause disruption and inconvenience in the lives of your neighbors.

Informing them early avoids any major conflicts down the road in the process of house extension.

Insurance -

It is a good idea if you take a good look at your insurance and see what it covers and what it does not as it might be possible that the insurance does not cover the costs of the construction of the extension or even the extension once it is completed.

You must check that in case of any eventualities, both the existing and the new property is covered under the insurance.

What is the total time taken for the work to be completed?

 A typical extension project from the beginning to the end depends on multiple factors some of which can be controlled and some are just out of our hands. If the project overruns its time course, you might end up paying more than what had been pre-decided.

It is considered best if you and the contractor both set a timeline and stick to it to avoid any extra costs and to keep the builders on track. This step is also important in cases where people are required to move out of their houses as they would want to come back as soon as possible and having a set date to do so makes it easier for them.

Move out or not?

This depends on the scale of extension and development that your house is undergoing. If you’re having a small extension done you might be able to stay in your house throughout the building as it might not cause too much disruption in your day-to-day activities.

However, if you are having a particularly large extension, you might have to leave the house as it will cause a lot of trouble and havoc in your daily lives. Also, you might want to check in with your builders once as to what they are comfortable with because if your staying hampers their productivity in any way then it is best if you leave.

So these are some of the important points that one should keep in mind while thinking of a home extension. This will help you have all the basic information and knowledge that one should have before getting involved in a big project like this. Keeping these in mind will ensure a successful extension project in your home.


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