Know the Importance of an Underpinning Contractor

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When you look closely through your house, you will understand what an engineer or expert spends so much time on. They focus on the foundations on which the entire house stands because if there are foundation problems, the whole structure is in danger.

If your foundation gets dislocated or damaged, it’s a serious concern. This is the time when you should hire an underpinning contractor to give his or her advice on how to strengthen the core and add stability to your building.

What are the reasons that might instigate the need for underpinning?

House contractors and experts rely on underpinning methods to stabilize the existing foundation and add strength to it. This is done either to remove the damaged foundation or to upgrade and restore its strength.

Some of the main reasons for you to get underpinning are,

  1. Slope unevenness

A subtle crack can be observed whenever there are sudden movements in the tectonic plates below the surface of the Earth. This movement pushes the soil from its level and makes the rocks underneath it shatter. This ultimately results in an uneven surface which might be a reason for you to get underpinning.

  1. Basement construction

If you want to build a basement below your existing structure, you will need to get underpinning done to build a fresh and stronger foundation.

  1. Improper construction

If your previous construction processes did not use materials that were up to the mark, it might have an impact on the foundation. This will again require underpinning to build a firm structure.

Knowing well about the circumstances that cause the need for underpinning, you might want to hire an underpinning contractor.

Reasons why you shouldn’t delay hiring an underpinning contractor-

An underpinning contractor will find a solution to your budding problems. Some of the reasons for hiring them are,

  1. When the soil beneath the structure starts to move or sink it is termed subsidence. Subsidence can cause critical damage to your property and it can eventually destroy the foundation of the home as well. This is expensive damage as the structure of the entire home can be destroyed.
  1. Cracks in windows and doors are a sign that you either need to work on underpinning the house or remodel the home. Also, if you decide to remodel and then add an extension to the house, the extra weight certainly arouses the need for underpinning. The extra weight added can cause subsidence and thus makes the need to hire a contractor even more urgent.
  1. Prevention is better than cure and we are all well aware of this popular saying. That means, it is better to modify and upgrade your foundations every once in a while to avoid any greater damage in the future.


An underpinning contractor will ensure that the quality of the materials used in the underpinning is the best. And, all the work is done complying with the safety regulations. They will also help you in identifying the right underpinning method depending upon the structure of your home.

Tips to select the best underpinning contractor-

There is a huge list of underpinning contractors that is available and it is important to separate the good from the bad. Certain tips to follow are,

  1. Look for master builders

The first useful and significant way to reduce the long list of contractors is to select those that have been certified as “Master Builders”. This small step helps you to find contractors who are licensed appropriately by the related authority and are supported by the peak industry body.

The simplest way to find such master builders is to go to the relevant state websites and it is easy as each state has its website. On the website, you can search for master builders under the appropriate categories and you will have your suggestions.

  1. Look for authentic customer reviews

Once you have a small list of contractors that you would have made through the websites. The next step is to look for verified or verifiable customer reviews.

You can get access to these reviews either by searching on Google with the help of the right set of search keywords. Or you can simply go to Facebook or any other social media platforms of the company and read the reviews.

Also, if a certain company does not have any mentioned reviews, you can go to a third-party website and get your answers from there.

If you are unsure about the authenticity of the reviews, you can always ask the company to get you in touch with one or two of their previous customers. This will help you get a better understanding and also assist you in making an informed decision.

  1. Get a better understanding of their underpinning process

Once you have shortlisted your list even further, the next step would be to visit the websites of each underpinning company. This way you will get a better understanding of the complete process of how they go about the same.

This will help you get a feel of the working environment and their ethics and approach. This is also the time to go through their websites and find out other relevant information.

  1. Limit by the type of underpinning

Once you have read about the process involved, the next step would be to shorten your list even further. This is done based on the type of underpinning that you wish to get.

Certain companies only provide the service to a few of the types and some others are capable of providing the service of all different types of underpinning.

Figuring out what you want and what suits your house best will help you narrow down the names of companies that you have.

  1. Send an inquiry

The final step is to send an inquiry to the company and find out what their response is. This will help you figure out how friendly they are, how good their customer service is, and also how valuable their information is.

You can do this by sending an email, calling, or even filling out a form that is available on their websites.

This way you can finally decide which company you want to handle your projects and then you can get detailed information from them. After this, you can arrange a home visit and then come up with a quotation.

Henceforth, house underpinning projects should be carried out under the authority of a professional underpinning contractor from a reputed company. This will ensure to minimize any risks in the future and will give you guaranteed outcomes.



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